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Helping you to unlock your true earning potential

Ads-Assure was born out of a need to enable vernacular publishers to monetize their sites and platforms effectively.

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The Growing Ecosystem

In doing what we are doing above, we are enabling the advertisers to realise the true worth of all the publishing partners on the AdsAssure platform. The growing ecosystem requires more publishers and advertisers to connect on a common ground, because this will eventually lead to higher returns for all of us. The Publishers, The Advertisers and the Exchange all stand to benefit.So as an advertiser or a publisher, come join us in growing this ecosystem, and unlocking your true earning potential.

High Quality Ads

We provide high quality ads while making sure that the ECPM is not too expensive.

Web & App Monetization

Providing Website and Application Monetization Super Fast.

7 Types of Ads Unit

Different Types of Ads Formats Available

Automated Ad Testing

Leverage the power of machine learning to automatically test the most critical elements of your web properties. This means lower bounce rates, more page views and higher revenue.

Programmatic Selling

Programmatic solutions is a new advertising model that automatically connects publishers with top media buyers.

AMP & PWA Solutions

Keep audiences on your site, deliver deep engagement for your advertisers and boost revenue with the Content recommendation.

Top Features that set
Us Apart

24/7 Support

Whatsapp Support Available for your All Querie

Ad-Ops Expertise

We provide different types of Ads that will suit your Niche.

Easy Approval

Easy Approval Process

Easy Ads Implementation

Our ads are easy to implement and can work smoothly with all types of websites and all devices.


You can receive payments on time, every month.

Our Premium SSP Partners

We work with 30+ Advertisers across the globe to get access to most premium demand for our publisher partners.

About AdsAssure

What we do ?

Ads-Assure enables print publishers to enhance their Digital Distribution via websites, mobile and tablets. Both of these products are always being developed and enhanced to bring in the latest features and keep with the trends.

Today we work with many of India’s largest publishers, to enable them to deliver world class content experiences for them, and in the course of that, “Unlock their true earning potential”.
We work in close tandem with the online partnership team at Google, to extend their reach to the publishers and be a one point contact for publishers for their monetisation needs.

How we do it ?

In the course of pursuing this, we partnered with Google and became a Google Certified Publishing Partnervernacular publishers to publishers of all languages, sizes, content types and publishing genres.

Why Vernacular Publishers ? we realised that publishers who publish content in languages other than Hindi and English were unable to monetise their site effectively. So even though these publishers commanded great brand loyalty and high customer engagement, they were still not getting their due when it came to realising their true earning potential.

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