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Google Adx vs Google AdSense

Google Adsense is often the first step when you decide to monetize your content and it is an extremely powerful tool to monetize your audience. However, you need to understand how these tools work to get the most out of them.

Adsense works on a CPC basis while AdX works on a CPM basis. By nature, Adsense will tend to prioritize and favor the blocks that have high CTRs in order to get the best RPMs on these sites. Adx works on a CPM basis, so by nature it will tend to fill each location as well as possible to get the best average RPM according to the conversions observed on each placement. Depending on your current advertising system, the use of one or the other can therefore make a big difference in revenue!

Adsense is a proprietary and closed advertising network: it displays essentially Google Ads (ex Adwords) and Google partners. AdX is totally open to the global advertising market, it includes of course Adsense and Google’s partners, but also all the other vendors of the market who want or can connect to an ad exchange platform. So we have access to a much larger demand and therefore increased competition on each of your placements.

Yes, sometimes Adsense does better than Adx, it remains relatively rare and there are often good reasons, but in general Adx largely outperforms Adsense and allows to increase mechanically its daily earnings of about 30%.

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